about us

Toitures Thermotech is a roofing company specializing in thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) single-ply membrane systems. Established in 2004, our company continues to set itself apart with a dynamic and competent team consisting of over 20 specialists in the field. Our primary goal is to offer our customers a range of high-quality services throughout the provinces of Quebec, Ontario, and the Maritimes. We are committed to delivering a high standard of workmanship to every project entrusted to us, ensuring you get excellent quality at competitive prices. With us, you are sure to enjoy unparalleled 360-degree service, from the initial contact right up to our after-sales service - a commitment we are proud to uphold.

Our extensive experience in TPO membrane roofing systems has earned us two enviable awards. One such award is the "Early Bird" title, which allows us to obtain warranties on our work simply upon request and even before the work is inspected. This title was awarded to us after having carried out work for a number of years without any reported issues. Only two roofers hold this title in Quebec.

Toitures Thermotech has also been the proud recipient of the "Perfection Award" for five consecutive years since 2011 for the quality of its work. Only 5% of all Carlisle accredited applicants across the world have won this award.

We install over one million square feet of roofing annually. If you are thinking about installing a TPO membrane roofing system, treat yourself to excellence by contacting Toitures Thermotech.

Contact Details

Address: 25 Notre-Dame, Charette, QC G0X 1E0

Telephone: 819 221-2125

E-mail: info@toituresthermotech.ca

RBQ Licence: 8311-8877-53

For further information, please contact us.