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Toitures Thermotech installs thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) single-ply membrane systems. Toitures Thermotec provides a range of services to commercial, industrial, institutional sectors.

We boast over 30 years of experience in the field and are proud to offer you the services of our skilled workforce as well as our high-quality equipment. 

Following is an overview of the services offered:


Toitures Thermotech guarantees that TPO membrane roofing systems for newly-built flat or slightly sloped roofs will be installed by recognized experts, whether the systems are mechanically attached, installed with the RhinoBond method, or fully adhered.


When a roof begins to show signs of deterioration, you must act quickly to avoid any damage to the structure. Toitures Thermotech carries out full or partial roof replacement in compliance with the standards governing the installation of TPO membrane roofs.

Roof Maintenance

A defective or damaged TPO membrane will affect the entire structure of the roof. Toitures Thermotech offers preventive and corrective solutions to protect the structure and keep it in good condition.

A TPO membrane roof can last well into the 30-40 year range. However, to keep it in good condition, it must be properly and regularly maintained. Toitures Thermotech offers maintenance, inspection, and assessment services that ensure the integrity of the roofing system over time.

Furthermore, the weight of large accumulations of snow may cause a roof to sag or even collapse. Toitures Thermotech uses appropriate and safe snow removal techniques without causing any damage to the roof's surface.

Contact Details

Address: 25 Notre-Dame, Charette, QC G0X 1E0

Telephone: 819 221-2125

E-mail: info@toituresthermotech.ca

RBQ Licence: 8311-8877-53

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